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Recreating Balance

I welcome you.

You have come upon my website In search of a solution. Let us embark on a JOURNEY together.

As an advisor for ENERGETIC FENG SHUI, I can help you with positive, free-flowing and healing energies to revitalize and harmonize your environment.

On my life and career paths as healer and businessman, who has been familiar with energetic treatments for many years, my work with ENERGETIC FENG SHUI represents another building block. After having received sound training, I use these processes in my practice and also apply them for my own further development.

For a general impression of the many possible applications of ENERGETIC FENG SHUI, do browse this website. Please contact me with further questions or for a detailed consultation.

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Yours Georg Behrens

EnergetiC Feng Shui – A Definition:

Recreating Balance

Wind & WaTER

Feng Shui means „wind“ and „water“ in Chinese. If, metaphorically speaking, both elements are balanced, so that the „wind blows“ and the „water flows“ unhindered, they are in harmony.

We will be better off if the energy in the rooms in which we live and work are able to flow freely.

The millennia-old Chinese teachings of Feng Shui regards all that is as energy, called „Chi“. Everything that is, is in constant resonance with this vital energy. It permeates and influences every person and every room, and everything that is in this room.

Every being shapes and directs these energy flows. Everywhere, indoors and outdoors. We not only influence these energies, we are also influenced by them. Often this occurs completely subconsciously.

Recreating Balance

Tao Do Hang

The path to greatness

The oldest and most basic method of energetic Feng Shui harmonizes and transforms the vital energy in all rooms. Those inside a person and those surrounding him/her. When this energy is balanced, the result is a productive, wholesome living space in harmony with all beings.

Slide Healthy person - healthy space Slide Healthy space - healthy person


An indeterminate, strange, or uneasy feeling in a particular area of ​​the home or workplace can make one ask what is wrong with this place.

Concentration or sleep disorders, partnership problems, listlessness („lack of energy“) or even sorrow gives cause to take a closer look the area, home or workplace.

ENERGETIC FENG SHUI – transformed and harmonized

Recreating Balance

Positive IMPACT

When body and space are in constant resonance because everything is energy, it makes sense to consider that every action is also a form of energy, or that taking action changes energy.

An example is the so-called bad “vibe” in rooms filled with stress, conflict, worry or sorrow. No one feels comfortable in these rooms and no one wishes to be in the presence of people who radiate negative energy.

But if the energy in a room is light, peaceful and easy, the energy changes the person who lives or works in that room. We not only feel comfortable there, but we also benefit from it through a positive attitude, balance and productive concentration.

This is exactly what my work does. I work on site mentally with FENG SHUI energy. In doing so, I liberate spaces from energetic dissonances. Metaphorically, one could say that I remove the dirt, which has often accumulated for years, from the floor to let the wood parquet shine again.

Furthermore, I remove the haze of stress and fear from the room. Finally, I figuratively empty and clean the overflowing (everyday) trash cans. I do this work through mental techniques and spoken formulas. In this way, I refine and transform the defined space with energetic Feng Shui into a balanced place of power, without moving any furniture.

Slide Healthy person - healthy space Slide Healthy space - healthy person


Recreating Balance

Energetic Feng Shui works everywhere!

Everywhere. This energetic method makes it possible to treat every space and to influence its energetic effect, regardless if the space is a nursery, hotel room, living room, bedroom, an open-plan office, a health practice or a law firm. Even individual parts of a house that one likes to avoid, such as the basement, can be harmonized.

The goal is to create spaces for yourself and your clients, where one can feel safe and secure and be enlightened, alert and cheerful, as well as be able to focus and be productive, motivated and successful.

Slide Healthy person - healthy space Slide Healthy space - healthy person

EnergetiC Feng Shui – Long Live NaturE

Let us not to forget our natural surroundings. Plots of land, penthouse terraces, allotments, front or backyards, agricultural facilities, or the shared walled driveway with an unpleasant neighbor, can all be energetically balanced for the benefit of humans, animals and nature according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Specific examples are the greenhouse or conservatory in which the plants are not thriving, the two-family house in which constant disputes arise or the garage that is often vandalized. All these are disturbances or blockages of the natural flow of energy that I am able to remediate.

Recreating Balance

Long Live Nature!

Even improving the on-site well water quality is possible. Attention should be paid to devices such as mobile phones and WiFi routers as electromagnetic smog (EMS) is increasingly influencing our daily lives.

Presently, I implement my work in the restoration and renovation of older houses as well as the construction of new homes and can liaise with real estate agents and contractors.

Slide Healthy person - healthy space Slide Healthy space - healthy person


    Gabriele Gewecke

    Als Goldschmiedemeisterin bin ich täglich für meine Kunden kompetenter Ansprechpartner. Ich lege bei meinen Beratungen großen Wert auf eine ungezwungen Atmosphäre. Umso mehr hat es mich gefreut, Herrn Behrens auf einem Netzwerktreffen kennengelernt zu haben. In einem ausführlichen Beratungsgespräch hat er mir das energetische FengShui näher bringen können, so das ich mich für eine positive Ausrichtung meiner Räume mittels einer energetischen Veredelung entschieden habe.

    Herzlichen Dank!

    Cathrin Mueller

    When I moved to Berlin, I purchased two smaller apartments in a 100+ year old building. Because I joined them together to make a larger home, the floor plan was altered as was the usage of the rooms. Georg came to my house-warming and immediately noticed that a corner of my dining room was full of negativity and sadness. He asked me if I knew if there was a reason for this. I told him that when I purchased the pre-renovated apartments, there was a storage room in that corner. Something had taken place there that caused sadness to someone or something. A few years later, I found out that Jewish families had been removed from my building and deported. Had they been hiding in that storage room? Had a child been locked up in there as punishment?

    Speculation, but Georg helped me to remove this negative energy and integrate the corner into my dining room. The difference is palpable and quite remarkable.


    Recreating Balance

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